Perhaps the most important and my favorite part of my job is to bring my clients and their environments into harmonious, natural, and essential relationships with each other.

My inspiration always goes back to some form of Mother Nature, the elements, and the senses. It is in traveling the long distance between inspiration and implementation that I have come to understand how my head, my heart, and my hands are indeed my guides and my tools: they allow me to conduct research, edit information, assemble teams, illustrate and experience ideas. This is the process, and these are the tools for creating the synergy that is crucial to the creation of the relationships I am working to express and enhance with my work.

The deeper relationships between form and function, between interior and exterior, and between the human, visual, and physical experiences of a space are of the utmost importance to me. The process is largely about the comprehensive and dynamic integration of the three dimensions and the five senses (and yes, there are more).

Design is largely about problem-solving, but it’s also about making things look and feel good. It has to function and be aesthetically pleasing and resonate with the wider context, and all of these things have to happen on a multitude of levels and in conversation with each other. The triumph of the whole depends on the success, coherence and assimilation of each of the parts – which demands successful collaboration among artisans, designers, and manufacturers. It is a further layering of process and synergy.

In creating a bespoke environment, it is very important to me that I approach my work as an editor and a curator. I am working to bring out the individual personalities of the entities involved - idiosynchrasies and contradictions included - and integrate them into a bespoke three-dimensional residence or establishment that is natural, suitable, beautiful, and comfortable. That is not only the ultimate luxury, but also the way to better living through design.